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Laura. 21. English.

Film student who likes films. A lot. As well as a few TV shows, music, video games, and Pokemon. Pokemon especially.

This blog is just as the title says - A Blog of Things. I'll reblog whatever I like at the time. And there's a lot of random shit... I'm cool though. Kind of... Not at all actually...

But anyway that's all for here. I think...

I like to rant and rave a lot usually about life but I tag it all as 'Laura whines' if anyone ever wanted to blacklist it.

Gonna fuck about with my theme. Never happy with it…

1ultima inquired:
How did your film do? Did you pass?

Reallllllllllllllly well. I passed! Just got one more bit of work to hand in end of August now and then I graduate in November. :3


#502: Dewott - The Discipline Pokémon

AND my little Nintendo/Pokemon corner minus my original game boy, DS Lite, and 3DS XL.

New gaming setup! \o/ PS1, PS2, N64, GameCube, and 360. Plus a shit ton of cables for my Turtle Beach headset and gaming chair… I need to try and go wireless next…

Where’d you go?

Eh, didn’t want my personal anymore I guess. Hung about on my RP blogs and finally decided to remake my personal. 

1ultima inquired:
Hey your back ^_^


tumblrbot inquired:

At the moment… My Yveltal and Mega Charizard X plushies…